Private Chef

Relax and let Chef Sven take care of you and your guests. His modern cooking will leave you wondering if he is even in your house as he is very tidy and using Sous Vide techniques which require minimum oven and stove use. Book him for a night or week Chef Sven will not cook one dish twice and he guarantees wow dining experience.

Cooking Lessons

Book an hour or a day with Chef Sven. Whether you need help to impress your guest and need to learn some techniques that you are not confident with or just like to learn how to create family meal we can help. Chef Sven will show you professional tricks and tips that will improve your skill set.


Chef Sven will create food that will be beautiful and delightful for your palate. Passion for perfection and freshness is his signature.

Walk and Fork

If you decide that you would like some more food after the canapé is finished but do not want full dinner service we can create individually served main course type meal that has been down sized so it is comfortable to eat while standing and enjoying your glass of wine or Champagne.

Drop of food and Gourmet Barbeques

You are busy as we live in busy times and there is only so much time in the day. At Queenstown Dining we understand that and Chef Sven can cook the meal for you while you are outside with your family or friends and simply drop it of at you door when you need it. Do you need help to prepare food for the BBQ at your house or want someone to do the whole service for you Chef Sven is here to help. We can set up the venue for you with freshly marinated meets, salads, vegetables or desserts while you relax and enjoy your guests.

Corporate and Weddings:

At Queenstown Dining we understand the importance of special occasions and we will work with you to personalize your requirements whether you need canapé party or buffet dinner, plated diner service Chef Sven will deliver seasonal menu to satisfy your needs and budget. We specialise in smaller events but we are no strangers to organize Grand Wedding or Corporate Event for 200 people. Our team of professional staff will take care of all your needs and little extra.